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Water Thunder Performance has been building high performance engines for over two decades. I first cut my teeth in oval track. Then became consumed with the unrestricted form of drag racing. While in high school I built my first 11 second small block street car and continually progressed onward to become a crew chief on a 6 second 715 cubic inch Pro Mod, along the way learning and evolving from each step.

Being a Florida native and living in Brevard County my entire life, I have always been involved in outdoor activities such as hunting, fishing and especially airboating. My first airboat was a 90 Lycoming on a Peanut Gore hull that had to be hand propped. I have since owned at least 13 different types of air boats. Airboating is my passion and it was clear to me there was a demand for high performance, light airboat engines. All the motors available were just crate motors that were not intended for airboat use. And the high cost of used 40 year old aircraft engine parts along with the availability of components made us look elsewhere.

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We have devolved a complete line of LS1, LS2, LS6, L92 and LS7 all aluminum Small Block Chevy's starting from 400 horsepower all they way up to 900 horsepower. These Engines range from 346 cubic inches all the way up to 440 cubic inches while only weighing 430 pounds. Even after installing a gearbox and radiator, these power plant's still weigh less then most Lycoming or Continental 6 cylinder aircraft engines. Our GENIII LS series motors make on average twice the horsepower of most aircraft engines plus all parts can be bought new at your local parts store. All of our components are new and manufactured since the year 2000, nothing is used from the 1900's. We have also worked hand-in-hand with a leading cam manufacturer to develop custom camshaft grinds tailored exclusively for our airboat engines. We have tested these cam’s on the dyno and on the water in our own boats. These custom grinds improve torque, horsepower, and yes, even fuel economy. WaterThunder Performance has also worked with two leading ignition system manufacturers to develop a reliable and tunable ignition system for our engines! If you want the weight of an aircraft with twice the horsepower we have the motor to meet your airboating needs.


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